The iconic AIGNER "A" in the form of a horseshoe combined with the AIGNER-typical Antic red colour became the prominent feature of the best handbags, belts and expensive travel luggage but also leather-encased cigarette lighters, corkscrews, pipesmokers' accessories, and even backgammon boxes.

It was the insights that formed an AIGNER brand which reflected and enhanced a life of pleasure, savoirvivre and sheer style. The brand then grew to be a part of the lives of the company's refined consumers: true leather and handbag classics that were designed in the 70s and that made AIGNER world-famous: The distinctive Saddle Bag and the inimitable Doctor's Bag.

AIGNER continued to create true classic over many decades.

During the 1980s AIGNER stretched its product range by awarding licences for watches, jewellery and eyewear. In 1990 licences were awarded for the womenswear and menswear collection.

The esteemed brand AIGNER continued to fruitfully bridge the gap between tradition and innovation long after its original founders were no longer able to personally steer the company's fortunes. In the year 2000, Etienne Aigner died in New York at the age of 96.

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